Service Design: An Introduction to a Holistic Assessment Methodology of Library Services

Joe Marquez, Reed College
Annie Downey, Reed College

This paper explores service design as a relevant method for service assessment and creation in a library environment. Service design allows for a holistic and systemic look at the various systems that make a library function. This methodology is a co-creative process conducted with library staff and patrons. By working together, librarians and patrons can create more relevant services or refine current services to be more effective and efficient.

An Internet of Pings: Enhancing the Web User Experience of Physically Present Patrons with Bluetooth Beacons

Mikael Jergefelt
Karolinska Institutet
Dialog Box

Even for users who are physically in the library, digital services are important and relevant, but often elusive. Bluetooth beacons provide an affordable and innovative way to improve the physical user experience in your library.

The UX Moment: A Weave Digital Panel, Part One

Dialog Box

In mid-January 2015, Weave reached out to a number of librarians who are doing user experience work with the hope of instigating and documenting the conversation they might have with one another. Coming from not only academic and public libraries, but also library and information science degree programs, the assembled group of professionals is doing and thinking about library user experience in a broad set of contexts and by a variety of means.

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