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At Weave UX, we don't want you to wait until you've written an article to tell us about it. Submit a short pitch for your idea, and we'll help you develop it into an article.

Already have something written? Pitch it to us in a few sentences. We'll take it from there.

We are looking for two kinds of work:

  1. Full length, scholarly articles of relevance to UX in libraries.

    We are interested in publishing innovative and cutting edge research, practical applications and their implications, ideas and speculation about future directions for UX.

  2. The Dialog Box, a new kind of review section.

    Weave’s Dialog Box aims to extend beyond the traditional book review section and feature critical dialog not only with books but with other media that set the boundaries of library UX.

Publication Timeline

Despite being an online publication, it takes a while to revise, review, edit, polish, and convert articles so they are ready to be published by Weave UX. This general timeline will help you understand what comes after the pitch process.

Peer Reviewed Content
  1. Pitch
  2. Editorial Response
  3. Writing (varies)
  4. Editing/Revisions (varies)
  5. Peer Review (2-3 weeks)
  6. Final Editing Revisions (varies)
  7. Copyediting (1 month)
  8. Production (1 month)
  9. Published! (April or October 1st)
Dialog Box Content
  1. Pitch
  2. Editorial Response
  3. Writing (varies)
  4. Editing/Revisions (varies)
  5. Copyediting (1 month)
  6. Production (1 month)
  7. Published! (April or October 1st)

While we are always accepting pitches, in order to make sure that you have enough time to write and edit your article and still get it through peer review, we usually stop considering pitches for the next issue around the time the previous issue is published. So to be considered for the Fall issue (published in October), we'd need to see a pitch shortly after the Spring issue is published (in April).

If you've already had your pitch approved and are preparing your paper for submission, please review our manuscript submission guidelines.

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We're taking peer-review pitches for issue 7 our Fall 2017 issue.

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